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Generator Maintenance

Testing & Inspection Services

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Sidewinders is committed to providing all of our services in strict accordance with industry safety guidelines.


Our experience and knowledge of rotor and stator services allows us to deliver the highest level of quality tooling and personnel.


No matter how complex or difficult a project may be, we focus on delivering performance, on time, on budget, large or small, without rework.


Sidewinders takes pride in delivering the highest value in rotor and stator services for the industry, world class service, affordable pricing and OEM quality.

Sidewinders is ready to serve your generator needs.

Call (801) 634-6087 to speak with a Sidewinders representative who can address your needs and provide a quote.

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“Sidewinders provide a high level of quality to their work when onsite.  The performance of their work is exceptional. They bring a high level of skill to the job each time.”

Gary PetersonNorthWestern Energy

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